The Team Splits

The team finally split up at Bonners Ferry Montana after crossing the border at Eastport.Randi and Tom head to Washington to pick up their Toy Hauler and Angus heads East towards a turning point for Houston.
Montana along Angus’ route has been beautiful – hills and trout streams. What a country

Bonners Ferry

Hills of Montana

I (Angus) am now following I the steps of Brian Chase. He is well remembered in every bar I have visited so far………

Meanwhile Brian arrived home in Indianapolis some time ago.

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The King of Cool

Nothing to do with the blog but the spirit is the same. Steve McQueen on his Triumph!!


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Lake Louise and beyond

Today we drove from Jasper to Fort Steele in BC.
The plan is to go over the border tomorrow.We just are unable to describe the majesty and beauty of the scenery.We stopped at Lake Louise and were a little disappointed because of the crowds.We have become selfish and want all this for ourselves.
We are comfortable now by our campfire and wish all our readers a pleasant evening

Lake Louise

The Columbia Glacier

End of the day at Fort Steele

Miles of mountains and lakes in the National Park of Canada

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Watson Lake to Jasper

Tom,Randi and Angus continue the trip in an orderly fashion.From Watson Lake until now we have had periods of heavy rain and temperatures down around 42 degrees.Yesterday we had a good run through to Jasper, BC of around 250 miles from Prince George.On the way we stopped at McBride and had a light lunch.While there we met another ADV rider Fritz Jünker from Portland Oregon.He is another Triumph Tiger fan and is trying out his choice of equipment before heading off to South america for 6 months.We travelled together to Jasper and are now all “hanging out” for a day or so.The decision has been made to stay two nights to recharge a bit and check the equipment.
The scenery is amazing and this is a Resort Town for Outdoor Sports and Winter Skiing.As a Scot I would say it is very very similar in character to Aviemore.
Yesterday as an example of many things to do we stopped over at Rearguard Falls.They were spectacular.Tom took the time to speak to some Kayakers about the conditions.I think he is coming back with Randi to try his hand.
Part of the reason to stay over also is that we may get good weather tomorrow, Sunday. If we do then we will see the best sites of the trip potentially.I am told we will be able to walk up to a glacier.
Ride Safe is the Motto and we continue to do so.

Fritz Jünker
Fritz’s blog click here


Essential maintenance

Jasper by rainbow

With Fritz’s fish-eye lens

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Equipment Notes

One of the big topics of discussion among Adv riders is “How are the Heidenau tyres holding up.”We can say very well.This is a shot at 4500 miles.I am confident they will get me home and expect to do 7500 miles total.


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Still rolling along

We are in Prince George Bc, on our way to Jasper.On the way we stopped for fuel at a junk store and gas station.The owner insisted we join her most wanted list…..


Brian on board the high speed Michigan Ferry, he should make Indianapolis today.



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Brian is nearly home

Brian is In Milwaukee taking the high speed ferry to Michigan in morning then home. Beats driving thru Chicago. Five days 2500 miles in 90 plus heat. Not sure who decided this is fun?? At Mader’s world famous German restaurant in Milwaukee. Since 1903. Nice German pilsner any bets I can finish it before it gets warm. Angus you should be here!! Not sure if I will make dinner. Will be home tomorrow great adventure with old friends and new ones.


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