Riding in California

It’s been good to put some miles on the new Tiger 800XC. As with all Adventure bikes the accessories including Touratech Zega Pro panniers and top case almost reach the base price of the bike!

On our trip all the bikes (BMWs R1200GS, R1150GS and Triumphs 800XC & Explorer) performed brilliantly. Given that why would you pay so much more for an R1200GS, a great bike, than a Tiger 800XC? It’s lighter, faster, better road bike and all you have to watch off-road is the sensitivity of the throttle in low gears. I’m very much enjoying the experience of riding the Tiger! Here are some pictures from last weekend.





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4 Responses to Riding in California

  1. Eric says:

    Hey it’s Eric, the guy on the Monster on the ferry from Bellingham to Haines. Great to see you guys’ adventures! Be sure to holler if you ever make it down to southern California.

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