A Note from Angus

After 8000 miles it is back safe home in Houston.
I wanted to agree with all Rod’s sentiments and add some of my own.
Most importantly we ran a trip with safety as the first priority throughout. Rod had some bad luck, but it could have been any of us. Both Randi and myself experienced similar moments on the Dempster but managed to hold on…Just.
Preparing the bike and the kit list are critical to the success of the journey. In my case my bike was approaching 10 years old so I was double careful with every stage of my set up.In the end I replaced a tail bulb.
I would recommend if anyone wants to do the “Off Tarmac” riding that we did, spend as much time as you are able, perhaps with an old dirt bike learning or relearning the skills needed. It all helps.
As a pleasant aside I was able to complete my ambition of completing riding every state in the lower 48, by running through Washington, Oregon, Idaho, North Dakota and Montana. Thanks to Tom for helping me plan my route back.
To all the many ADV Adventurers it was a pleasure to meet on the way, I say good luck and see you again on the trail. Fritz, Scott, Cornelius, and the Boomer.de team. Safe Riding

The famous patch on my vest that has been waiting 9 years to be completed

Joslyn Kanouff my neighbors daughter and an important member of the home team colors in my patch

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