Angus Reaches Houston – Home!

Angus made it safely home to Houston, the last of our intrepid riders. After many thousands of miles riding and many adventures, mostly good but some a little too exciting, the ride is over. We prepared very carefully for this trip and 99% of our preparations were sound. We used a number of kit lists and comparing those to the one published on Fritz’s web sight indicates that his is good enough with no need to publish more, so here it is again, you will need to scroll down to see the full list:

Fritz’s kit list

As far as our bikes were concerned they were all good and performed superbly. They ranged from Tom’s brand new Triumph Tiger Explorer, Rod’s BMW R1200GS, Angus’ BMW R1150GS to Randi’s Triumph Tiger 800 XC. I haven’t mentioned Brian’s Honda ST 1300 Pan European because that, despite Brian’s heroics on gravel, is a road touring bike. We are talking about Adventure bikes here. Given they were all good, similar ranges (the Explorer had the longest range), managed all types of terrain and hauled lots of kit you have to ask yourself why would you buy anything more than the much lower cost and lighter Triumph Tiger 800 XC?

What would we do differently?

I would take more time to rest and reduce the distances travelled “off-road” in a day, but that may be only me. A sat-phone turned out to be essential. The stories of phone coverage were false. If you want to go to the Arctic Ocean on a motorcycle – take a sat-phone.

Our Scala Rider G4 communications devices while working well for Tom and Randi broke down after a week for Angus and me. We never managed to be able to all talk to each other. My Soladec by Misemet solar powered battery charger failed totally after a week which was a shame. However, when you think of the scale of this adventure and the quantity of equipment we had to take these failures are small.

Everyone helped each other and we got on really well together. It was a great team! We followed in the steps of our hero Amundsen. It was all good, very good.

I hope those of you who have been following this blog have enjoyed it. I will keep blogging as and when we change bikes or venture out again into the unknown. There are a lot of logging tracks to be explored in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern California/Nevada and then there is Mexico once the drug war subsides. Who knows? But if you follow this blog, you will be the first to know!

Ride Fast, Ride Safe!

Rod, Angus, Tom, Randi and Brian




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2 Responses to Angus Reaches Houston – Home!

  1. Ian Macdonald says:

    Well done and congratulations to all. Thanks for taking the time the write the blog which the family enjoyed apart from Rod’s sad but gladly not too serious incident. Very pleased that you are all home well and with life time memories. The preparation and mutual support made it possible as for all great adventures.. Also best wishes from Australia including Don and Kate and Karl. Once again my admiration for your courage and eternal sense of adventure!! Love and best wishes from Ian and the UK Mac clan

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